7 Amazing Reasons Why Host Atom Is Appealing to Customers

5 min readAug 13, 2022


When venturing into an online business, the most repeating question is connected with the significance of a decent hosting service. All things considered, extraordinary facilitating is one of the central pieces of an internet-based project, as it will store the information, making it accessible for viewing all around the globe.

Having decent site hosting is fundamental so your product can offer quality support to the general population. Hosting can be utilized for some applications, like systems, virtual stores, blogs, and sites, with benefits going from better execution to more noteworthy security.

An incredible benefit of having it is the assurance that, while getting to the site, all the substances will be accessible for the clients so they can check the areas they wish.

What is a Host Atom?

Host Atom is one of the leading companies that give quality web hosting services by an expert team hosting service 24 hours every day in a Tier 4 Data Center with ISO20000, ISO27001, and ISO9001 norms. Its commitment is to maintain that Thailand should give endlessly better web hosting services when compared to Web Hosting service providers abroad.

Its official website is https://www.hostatom.com. It is operated by Network Technical System Co., Ltd. They give a full scope of hosting services that have been associated with Server and Network Infrastructure work for over 10 years.

What is the current number of clients as of now?

They have more than 8,000 clients both at home and abroad. Covering all industry gatherings, government offices, as well as leading public companies in the country who trust us to take care of data and Network Infrastructure systems.

In 2015, they had foreign clients in 40 nations worldwide utilizing the Dedicated Server service in Thailand, permitting them to see their capability to contend with the worldwide market. Hence, they have their Data Center in the USA and Europe zone.

What are their best features as a Web Hosting company?

1. Clients as Their Top Priority

As a Web Hosting company, it focuses on the needs of clients at all levels. This permits them to plan a help bundle that is reasonable for all degrees of clients, whether it is Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server to enormous Cloud Server frameworks.

2. Exceptional Assistance

Host Atom is honored with a committed client assistance team that by and large acknowledges that web hosting isn’t just selling Disk space to clients. It is connected to offering direction, arranging, managing, helping, including making grins.

Their group of specialists will deal with your server for help, problem-solving, and some guidance which are accessible consistently. They make each endeavor of the client’s example of overcoming adversity.

3. Long Experience

Host Atom is a recorded company that has been working in networks beginning around 2005. Over 10 years this profession further develops them more than their rivals in a comparable market.

Their long involvement with giving quality web facilitating administrations made them attract more clients. They focus on the needs of clients at all levels. This grants them to design and assist with packaging that is sensible for all levels of clients, whether it is Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server to tremendous Cloud Server framework.

4. Hard Working Expert Team

They have a group of Network Engineers with data and mastery. They have been arranged and have world-class support from Cisco, Microsoft, and Redhat as a confirmation.

With their knowledge and expertise, they are ceaselessly looking for new frameworks, and new gear, and doing research and lab tests to keep on chipping away at their items and their services. They have achieved this through their obligation to give genuine, direct, and genial help not surprisingly.

They vow to stay aware of this nature of services until the end of time. They genuinely believe that they will have the significant opportunity to serve you. Through their team, the company is improving and is for the most part ahead of its rivals.

5. Enterprise-level hardware throughout the system.

This explains why Host Atom chooses to use only servers and network gear that is of splendid quality at the enterprise level only. There is no policy to bring in desktop PC-level devices without Fail Over or Redundant systems.

This explains further that with their enterprise-level equipment, they give an innovation system that empowers companies to incorporate and facilitate their business processes on a robust foundation.

6. Remarkable Transfer Speed

Through their framework, Host Atom works in the data center that points of interaction to the backbone network on the quickest uplink in the country.

This is to say that their framework interconnects different networks and gives a method for exchanging data between these different associations. It could interconnect various areas in work environments, campuses, or buildings.

7. Incredible Consumer Satisfaction

They acknowledge that they have the most pre-arranged Web Hosting service. They, subsequently, ensure fulfillment with a full discount without giving any justification behind the discount in 30 days or less.

Does Host Atom offer some discount for their services?

Yes, Host Atom offers a discount for their services. You just watch out for their coupon codes and promo codes and avail of an average of 15% at checkout with one valid coupon. You can as well check out the release of new HostAtom coupons throughout the month especially on big holidays like Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday, and more.

You can even save time if you want. Simply get the top 3 first HostAtom coupons verified by their team and enjoy the following offers reseller Hosting R2 PL for only 490.00 THB monthly; Cloud VPS SSD5 at 4,790.00 THB; and Cloud VPS SSD5 at 4,790.00 THB.

And what is more? Host Atom accepts coupon code submissions for many stores. Using one coupon code per order, you can apply the code that gives you the best discount.

How do secure the said coupon codes?

There are a few ways for you to get your hands on a working HostAtom coupon code. You can subscribe to the HostAtom newsletter service to stay in the know of any available promotions. Or, simply check in regularly with coupon sites, like Coupon Plus Deals, for their collection of active offers, such as the HostAtom coupon code. It is the website where different store coupon codes and discounts are updated daily.

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